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Developer features

ONE API to rule them all

We connect banks to Northbricks so you can connect to them all thru ONE API. Payment for us is one api call even if you do it to Nordea, Swedbank, Deusche Bank, Citi and so on.

Normalized data

Get transactions from 10 banks today you get 10 different answers. We help you with mapping so you can focus on your innovations and not care for how data is mapped in your API.


Part of our solution you can hook on events on customers account. Get notified when payment or maybe a transaction has gone thru customer account. Do you got some special needs send a mail to


We are normalizing how payments work to banks. With one payment API call /v1/banks/{bankId}/payments you initiate payment for all banks that we connected to Northbricks. We love to make it easy for you as a developer.

Single API

Enter Northbricks. We combine a customer-first approach with the agility to innovate and pivot to reach targets for our clients in the financial services industry and developer communities. We offer third-party innovators, developers and companies a single API to build the best services on top of European banks. The potential benefits of partnerships include stronger customer relationships that lead to customer retention and new revenue streams.

Ecosystem of collaboration

The initial threat of fintech disruption has morphed into an embryonic ecosystem of collaboration and mutual benefits, it’s time banks upped their game and harnessed the massive potential that lies in the data they hold about how customers interact with them.

Banks need to partner with third-parties to draw out insights and design-thinking to run better businesses. Today’s innovators and programmers have grown up using design-first thinking and possess a deep understanding of the value of customer experience.


Thru our API you can connect to millions of customer in 5 minutes.

Payments initiations

Send money to any bank with one API call - it's that easy.

Account aggregation

Connect to us from your app, website or other source - then you can aggregate customers data and create something amazing.

Freemium services

Our motto is that have a platform for everyone. Start creating great apps and services with Northbricks for free and go to production. Then if you need more then you can upgrade to Business account.

Scalable architecture

We build on docker, microservices and kubertenes.
Do you wanna be part of something great send a mail to

Create an banking app within 5 minutes

We have create a mobile banking app template for you to see how easy it is to connect to banks with Northbricks platform.


Northbricks services are free until April 2019 when PSD2 directive is in full effect. First 100 companies that subscribe to Startup, Business tier get 3 months free services.


$0 month

  • 20.000 API transactions
  • 250 end users
  • End-user authentication
  • Community support
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$195 month

  • First 3 months free
  • 250.000 API transactions
  • 10.000 users
  • Email support
  • Payments
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  • 1 million transactions
  • 150.000 users
  • Payments
  • Early access to new API
  • Custom offers in platform
  • Email and phone support
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Northbricks was founded in 2017 by Jon Wikman and Tobias Larsson. A full-stack developer with nearly two decades of Java experience, Jon is the one that puts it all together. DevOps specialist Tobias is the explorer. Together, they are working to open the Pandora’s box of today’s retail banking data on millions of customers and valuable information about billions of transactions.

Northbricks is based in Stockholm, Sweden, home to the largest number of billion-dollar startups in Europe with iZettle, Candy Crush, MineCraft, Skype, Spotify and Klarna.

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Stockholm, 168 71

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